Postgraduate Diploma in Business Administration with Strategic Management and Leadership Modules

start date: 29 September 2014

Fitzwilliam Institute International's Postgraduate Diploma in Business Studies with Event Management programme is designed to give participants the knowledge and business skills which are valued in the general business sector. While the course gives practical training, students are required to demonstrate their knowledge and communication skills in a variety of relevant and practical situations.

The Postgraduate Diploma in Business Studies with Event Management runs for forty nine weeks from starting date to graduation. All preparation for examinations and projects is carried out in the training room.


Definitions, decision making, forecasting and planning, objective setting, organisation structures and cultures, the social and economic impact of business and other organisations. Systems theory. Motivation.


The marketing environment, economic, social and technical factors. The market information system. The market research process, collecting and analysing data. Marketing management and planning. Organisation and management of the marketing department. Corporate planning, SWOT analysis, competitor assessment and business strategy. Product portfolio planning, models and management. Developing a marketing plan, implementation and control. Market segmentation, targeting and positioning.

Financial Services and Accounting

Financial Markets - Money Markets, Fixed Interest, Foreign Exchange, Equity and Derivative Markets; Treasury Departments. International Securities Markets - Eurocurrencies, Eurobonds, T.Bills, T.Bonds, Sale and Repurchase Arrangements, Syndications, Securitisation. Accounting for Derivatives. Balance Sheet Techniques, Hedging, Asset and Liability Management, Compliance, Risk Monitoring, Strategic Balance Sheet Management, Profit and Loss. Fund Accounting - Accounts and Valuations. Offshore Funds, the I.F.S.C.; the Stock Exchange, Portfolio Planning - Diversification and Risk; Custody - Corporate Actions, Safekeeping, Income Collection, Role of the Trustee.

Event Management

Event Management Planning; Co-ordinating Events; Marketing Events; Event Risk Management; Corporate Event Management; Organising Conferences; Exhibition Management; Sporting Event Management, Crises Event Management, Event Management Evaluation


The relationship between advertising, advertisers, media and PR. The advertising agency; structure, appointment, remuneration and evaluation. The agency planning department; structure, role and function. Managing the client-agency relationship Brief creation, interpretation and communication. The integration of marketing and advertising. Formulating strategic advertising campaigns to support branding segmentation and positioning strategies. Creativity in advertising. Sources of creative ideas. The production process. Award winning campaigns. The role of media in advertising. The media-buying department, form and function. Introduction to the new media, internet, interactive TV and electronic multimedia.


The business of E-Commerce. Website Creation and Design. Introduction to Macromedia Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver - Page Creation and Preview, Formatting and Layout, Images, Tables and Frames. Setting up Links and URL's. Libraries, Templates, Forms, Behaviours and Timelines. Publishing and Site Management. Script Development - introduction to VBScript and JavaScript fundamentals. HTML development. Formatting, Links, Frames and Tables. Images and Animation - Image Compression, Image Composition. Usability - Design and Layout guidelines, Usability musts. Site Uploading - File Transfer Protocol.

Public Relations

PR Techniques and methodologies, press relations, public affairs, lobbying, press releases, broadcasting, photography, literature and printing. Theoretical insights into crisis management, contingency planning and corporate image. PR planning, setting objectives, implementation and evaluation. The fundamentals of Sponsorship. Integration within the promotional mix. Types of Sponsorship; sports, cultural, education and charity. The sponsorship management programme; objectives, selection, budget, agency and event management. Measurement of effectiveness.


Computer Skills are important in financial services. The course includes a number of weeks of hands-on computer training which includes an e-commerce and website creation module, computerised accounts, spreadsheets, databases, presentation graphics and word processing packages.

Course Project

Each participant is expected to work on a business related project throughout the course and to submit it on paper and then present it for evaluation towards the end of the classroom module of the programme.

Methods of Training

Lectures, discussions, role plays, practical exercises, projects, case studies, hands-on computer training etc.


The Fitzwilliam Institute maintains a panel of qualified and motivated lecturers who work as a team monitoring each student's progress.

Who Should Apply

Anyone who wishes to develop business skills in the areas covered. Selection is based on a combination of examination results, and interview.


Successful students are awarded the Institute of Commercial Management's Postgraduate Diploma in Business Studies at Distinction, Credit or Pass level. The Diploma is awarded on the basis of examination results, attitude, attendance and timekeeping.

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next start date: 29th September 2014 (Monday)

The fee for the course is €5835.

Fees are payable on acceptance by Fitzwilliam Institute International Ltd. All fees must be paid direct to Fitzwilliam Institute International Ltd by bank draft. Fees should not be paid in any other way, or through any other channel. Fees less the administration fee of €150, are refundable if a non EU National fails to obtain a visa or if the course is cancelled by Fitzwilliam Institute International. Please note that fees are not refundable if a student, once on the course, fails to obtain a visa extension, while in Ireland. Tuition is given over five days during each of the training weeks. Training may be given in the morning or afternoon.FitzwilliamInstitrute Provide thier applicant a Private medical insurance, cost of medical insurance is €120.

Overseas students must arrange and have evidence of private medical insurance and comply with visa requirements. Please e-mail for details. Fitzwilliam Institute International Ltd. closes on Public Holidays and for a number of days towards the end of December and early January.

Year on year, we successfully place our students into a 3-month organised work placement as part of their full-time Postgraduate Diploma. Over 95% of our participants end up in full time employment with their placement company, with many carving a long and rewarding career. A significant number of our past graduates are now senior figures in these industries today. See some of our most recent placement companies below and find out what they have to say.